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“I like art, and by art I mean music, poetry, sex, paintings, the human body, literature… All of this is art to me.” - hr

•full of ideas•  (at Gagosian West 21)

Afro Smile • @asiyami_gold @MickaleneThomas
tell me all the things you love about a woman | and I’ll tell you all the things I love about being one

I want somebody to walk up behind me.

and kiss me on my neck.

and breathe on my neck.

written by badu
Sistas, how y’all feel?

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Brothas y’all alright?

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Surinamese Elite Model 
Zanana Piñas
Age - 23
Location - Toronto, Ontario
Instagram - @ZananaSplit
Photographer - Ishmil Waterman
Instagram - @IshmilWaterman
Website -  www.ishmilwaterman.com
Tumblr - cvttingboard

Artwork by #TimothyRobertSmith. We added some more COOL to our Tuesdays! On Tuesdays we will add photos from artists from all over who submit to the site. We will take the best 5 works and feature them and the artist. We just wanna help out a bit! Cool? Submit@artabovereality.com ✊👍🙌🎨 this piece is awesome right!? It’s very nostalgic like history mixed with a horror flick! 
#LookWhatArtFound #ArtInspires #Inspiring #Global #Artistic #Expression #ArtAboveReality #PhotoOfTheDay  #instacool #instadaily #Art #Creator #color #artwork by artabovereality http://ift.tt/1oT6QpF

by drepriceart http://ift.tt/VGOqvl

first time drawing on the iPad. i need practice lol by drepriceart http://ift.tt/VGOqLQ